Artistic Interventions

Balkan Naci İslimyeli_Afrika Karayazı II Dijital Fotoğraf 100x130 cm. 2010

Artistic Interventions

7 June – 23 June, 2016, Palmarina

Interventional Prints bring fourteen precious Turkish artists, who contribute in the intellectual and aesthetic manner in Contemporary Turkish Art with their own style and art problematic, together in a special exhibition: Halil Akdeniz, Özdemir Altan, Tomur Atagök, Bedri Baykam, Bubi, Yücel Dönmez, Adem Genç, Meriç Hızal, Ergin İnan, Balkan Naci İslimyeli, Nur Koçak, Tülin Onat, Yusuf Taktak ve Güngör Taner.

The exhibition is the first step of a project which primarily aims to reach the works of abovementioned artists to a wide auidence. On the one hand, this project aims to promote contemporary Turkish art and artists at the international level, and on the other hand to pave the way for collectors and art lovers who have limited posibility to have an original work of leading artists in such free market conditions.

The exhibition titled as “Artistic Interventions” consists of the works that the artists applied artistic interventions with paint or different materials on their own printed works and turned them to orignal pieces. Each of the works in the exhibition are original and unique, it is also internationally certified. Any discourse in art criticism and art theory surely owes something to the ones which has been said before. As we know, uniqueness and unicity are the concepts questioned since the last century.

The main reason of the artist’s interventions by paint on the printed works is to distinguish each of these works from the other and to provide them a unique and authentic nature as so there is no copy, facsimile edition or two of a kind for them.

By touching the audience’s conciousness and emotions, with a strategy to establish a bond between life and art, ”Artistic Interventions” exhibition which has opening cocktail on June 7, 2016 at Mine Art Gallery in Bodrum-Yalikavak-Palmarina can be seen until June 23, 2016.

Project Director: Meral BOSTANCI

Nisan, 2016


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