"Beauty Amongst Chaos" Nara Walker


“Beauty Amongst Chaos” Nara Walker

17 May – 5 June, 2016, Palmarina

Award winning Australian artist Nara Walker holds a Bachelour of Fine Art (Honours) from Griffith University Australia. Her fascination with the world has taken her art to new borders including France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Norway, Georgia, USA, UK where she is currently based and now Turkey, with future plans for Shanghai, Singapore, Milan and New York.

“Beauty Amongst Chaos” is Nara Walker’s debut exhibition in Turkey. Each stroke in her art works conveys raw emotion and also a connection between the idea, painting and viewer. The work explores the process of creating and captures this as a physical piece. The oil paint evokes physicality of flesh and depicts layers of the minds process at play.

Nara harnesses Abstract Expressionism within her voluptuous surfaces. Like Ariadne’s thread the viewer is taken on a journey of metaphors and scrumptious colours. Each piece holding the illusion of motion.

On the opening night, 17th of May, Walker will show a performance at the gallery. She will be drawing in charcoal using her full arm length, smearing the marks after with her body, and allowing for trial and error from the connection between the subconscious and the physical body.

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