H. Avni Öztopçu "Shelters And Individuals"


H. Avni Öztopçu “Shelters And Individuals”

23 October – 23 November 2014, Nişantaşı

Istanbul Mine Art Gallery, in their Nişantaşı venue exhibits H.Avni Öztopçu’s 1985-onset “individuals” and lately developed “shelters” under the name of “Shelters and Individuals”.

Since 1985, in the paintings of Avni Öztopçu, attitudes of each stage constitute its own “Individuals” and reckon with the past and with the metamorphosis inside, give a start to his odyssey in sheltered areas. In this odyssey, we see the individuals of each stage which are sourced from the mentality and perception perspective of the artist. The artist who leans to new searches in his each stage, allows us to watch the circulation of the visible and audible in the “time and space” perception which are the baselines of his paintings. “Shelters” which are developed in a shorter period exhibited together with the “Individuals”.

Artist pairs up the whole scenery in an environment which allows us to see the problematique which has been discussed for 30 years, and the fictional conversions in his own stages.

Each studied artistic production, shaped and rendered according to the period they are created in. H. Avni Öztopçu who renders the time-space problematic with the opportunities of plastic language, in his “shelters and individuals” exhibition is heading towards to the future while continuing his traces inside the corridors of the periods themselves, and transforming and altering in his inner dynamics.

In “Shelters and Individuals” exhibition, we will find the opportunity of watching convergence and disintegrity of 1985 onset association in a short period gallery environment. Also, we will find the chance to see how the artist benefits from the opportunities of the plastic arts, and how he deals with the main elements of art while questioning the fundamental problematic of “time and space” in his paintings, and we will be able to witness a historical cycle of artist’s approach to these elements since 1985.

H.Avni Öztopcu’s “Shelters and Individuals” titled exhibition can be seen in Mine Art Gallery, in their Nişantaşı venue between the dates 23rd October – 23rd November 2014.