Reflection and Meeting

Reflection and Meeting

8 March – 5 April 2014, Nişantaşı

We have met with Gezi Spirit in 2013. It has been compulsory to approach March 8 International Women’s Day in a richer context. Based on Gezi principles; Pluralism, Integration, Solidarity and MEETING, we wanted to see the REFLECTION of female personality and female problems on our male colleagues’ works. The exhibition named itself: REFLECTION AND MEETING.

Serhat Kiraz makes a start on with “The Poet of the Poets SAPPHO.

Ahmet Elhan takes part in with a platinum palladium press from “INK” series. Ali Akay says “Ahmet Elhan presents us the disidentification of today’s gender identities by overlapping gender identities”. To that view, can we add the idea that “further enrichment of identity from a different aspect”?

Alaattin Aksoy, WILL OF GOD: The victims of unconsciousness in the Information Age. He takes the subject of transformation of life into a ruin.

Esat Tekand: He takes the photograph named “Us” of German Revolutionary Socialist Politician and Feminist CLARA ZETKIN (1857-1933).

Balkan Naci İslimyeli: He participates with a painting from “The Photonovel of a Housewife” series.

CHILD BRIDE “DESTINY” of Murat Morova, confront us with one of our most crucial social problems.

Argun Okumuşoğlu: SEVIM BURAK from “Lonely Hearts” series. The introduction of Alpagut Gültekin: “He was born in 1931. He sat down with wet swimsuit and became sick in his childhood. He wrote the story of every needle walking to the heart. He is called also as Father Sevim Burak. He sleeps beside the big bird.”

Yusuf Taktak: About Gezi “DON’T GIVE UP!

Kenan Sunar: “PROTECT THE NATURE” is one of instinctive tasks of being a woman.

Ahmet Öktem emphasizes the desperate, dispersed, full of disappointment destiny of womanhood with his work “I AM MADAME BOVARY”.

The portrait named “VİVA LA VİDA” of Şükrü Karakuş is a tribute to FRIDA KAHLO, a woman and an artist consecrating life nonetheless.

The work named “CULTURE SYMBOLS” of Halil Akdeniz and the work named “DILEMMA (the states of being able or not being able to adjoin of single things)of H. Avni Öztopçu, are abstract approaches to our exhibition’s concept.

Lastly Koray Ariş.

THE ARTISTS THAT WE BRING TOGETHER IN THIS EXHIBITION WANT TO BE WITNESSES OF WOMAN DESTINY. I thank to all my artist friends who make real this extraordinary exhibition.

Bilge Alkor

8 March – 5 April 2014
Opening Cocktail: 8 March 2014, at:17.30 – 20.30

You are invited the opening cocktail…

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