Sabahat Çıkıntaş "de-ci-pher"


Sabahat Çıkıntaş “de-ci-pher”

17 December 2014 – 24 January 2015, Nişantaşı

In Istanbul Mine Art Gallery, Nisantasi venue, there is an exhibition named under the title of “de-cip-her”, curated by Lutfiye Bozdag, which consists of the artist Sabahat Cikintas’ paintings, videos and installations.


Sabahat Cikintas is an artist, who produces art with her intuitions. The problematique of existence and time partaking in the influences and the archetype of her paintings can be read as a summary of her whole art perceptivity.

In the produced works for the “de-cip-her” exhibition, Cikintas catches the attention with the paint interventions on the images which are the frozen proofs of the past moments. According to Pythagoras; square is the symbol of fire-air-water-earth which are the four main elements that compose the universe, and square is also the most fundamental element in the paintings of the artist. Square represents the symbolic conditions of the world of the objects regarding to Sabahat Cikintas. Artist’s figural abstractions through square, by dividing, shattering and sometimes complementing the painting surface in the created compositions with a subjectivist and expressionist attitude displays a neoplasticism, which is in search of universalism in the cosmos.

Sabahat Cikintas’ outputs and her life proceed in same parallel, and arise as a thriving parallel process. The artist, who manifests by abstracting herself and slices of her life, integrates her existence with her art, while wearing the costume that she designed. She “de-ciphers” her inner intuitions, and sensations with factual and entire, seen and unseen, perceived and unperceived sides, with the video composed of the movement of her lips, she syllabise by snatches the theme of the exhibition “de-cipher”.


Sabahat Cikintas’ “de-cipher” titled exhibition can be seen in Mine Art Gallery, Nisantasi venue between the dates 17th December – 24th January 2015.