Serkan Bayer "Rasdelka1"

Serkan Bayer “Rasdelka1”

22 January – 22 February 2014, Nişantaşı


‘My handiwors segrated from the mundanely materials with notions and it requires more powerful sense’ says Bayer, who is an artist of modern art, meets with art lovers in Mine Art Gallery Istanbul on the date of 22 January 2014. You can follow-up the new handiworks which are created in minimalist approach by the artist, along 30 days at Mine Art Gallery Istanbul. Bayer is signalizing the line of icon is used to show gravitation in magnetic or electrical field on his handiworks, which are named as Rasdelka.
In this exhibition which is going to be in 2 sections, he catches the attentions with Cosmic Room symbolized to respect for the absolute ruler of universe, and server center of the universe plus metalic handiworks.
Technically, he integrates his private morter, created by the artist, iwth acyrlic and presents his own art teminology and genre once again.
Bayer’s handiworks which we can describe as soul reflections are standing in the art world and making a name for himself notwithstanding that his handiworks take part in valuable collections not only in Turkey but also in foreign countries.
The artist explains art as making visible the items are invisible and in is handiworks, describes non visible items idiosyncratic symbls and signs.
When cosidered from Heidegger’s point of view, he adopts that being an image of the wrold, is the same action of being subject of humanbeing in existance.

Opening Cocktail: 22 January 2014, at: 18.00-20.30

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