Zahit Büyükişleyen "It is Time For St. John's Wort"

zahit büyükişleyen KAPAK

Zahit Büyükişleyen “It is Time For St. John’s Wort”

Zahit Büyükişleyen’s Exhibition titled as “It is Time For St. John’s Wort” can be seen in Mine Art Gallery’s Palmarina Bodrum venue in Yalikavak between the dates 23th of September – 17th of October, 2016!

September 23 – October 17, 2016

“The intellectual system of the unique connections that i created to express my sense of art and to make my art more subjective, i think, intersects with life. What is life? What is the meaning of life? When this question is asked, at what times? Is it asked when we question the world in relation to us by realising that there is a “self” in the outer man? Is it asked when we feel embarrassed, when we are in a tight corner, or when we are making a radical decision? Is it asked when we do not hear the echo of our own voice? Is it asked when we face with death all of a sudden?

If life is a formation steadily dissolving and recovering and if there is no second time for it, we are afraid of not finding a meaning for it. We have a need for giving different meanings for each life.

In our past, there are complex traces, coincidences, and people which make us who we are. Memories are slippery, they always escape from our hands…

Because of that, even man can understand his own life not looking from the inside but looking from the outside. We suffer. There are times that we expect more submissive and more fair life for ourselves. We miss success, peace, being loved, and trust. But no matter what happens, our story turn into a real story after we live the moments. Our soul, our passions, our longings bring colour and form to our adventure. What we reveal in our lives enlightens our past. And the meaning or meaninglessness of life come from the conclusion of what that life reaches.”

Prof. Zahit Büyükişleyen

zahit büyükişleyen KAPAK

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