Serdar Yörük "I am!"

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Serdar Yörük “I am!”

Serdar Yörük’s Exhibition titled as “I am!” can be seen in Mine Art Gallery’s Palmarina Bodrum venue in Yalikavak between the dates 29th of October – 29th of November, 2016!

October 29 – November 29, 2016

Man’s State of Nonexistence / Işık Gencoğlu, 2016

Succeeded to carry traditional techniques to contemporary, Serdar Yörük is a young artist in pursuit of passing “the meaning” on to the masses with his unique artistic language and his aesthetic elegance. For the ones who have the ideal “Let rightful makes history, not powerful.”, all the works of Yoruk questions the law, faith and wounded pride of man and what s/he gives up to win.

Yoruk’s works fling the state of humankind tied hand and foot somewhere in between existent and nonexistent in our face without acquiting him by seeing him as a victim waiting to be understood and can not change what happened yesterday. Rather he let us face with the pure pain of not being direct, unadorned, forenamed with all our nakedness. What he depicts in his works belongs to man but all the rights like ‘the right to act with free will’ or “the right of rejection/change” are taken from the man’s hand with his acceptences.

According to Yoruk, anytime when we can not stand by the poor or the rightful, or when we can not be free in our intellectual or physical preferences, it is the proof of the insignificance of our existence. For that reason, he found meaningful and appreciates the effort for being/staying yourself rather than the effort for being accepted by the society.

Even if this fight pushes the man to loneliness… These works are also a tribute to the individuality. Yoruk’s works can not coincide with defeat. On the contrary, the silent scream in his works is the representative of the ones who are not or can not like anybody else, and who can not stay as the same and reminds the forgotten. Yoruk with his works makes the forgotten values of man visible and he becomes the driving force behind the weak.

serdar yörük deneme 3

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