H. Avni OZTOPCU "Area Experiments and Individuals


H. Avni OZTOPCU “Area Experiments and Individuals

H. AVNI OZTOPCU’s exhibition named “AREA EXPERIMENTS AND INDIVIDUALS” will take place in Mine Art Gallery’s Yalikavak Palmarina Branch in Bodrum between the dates 1st August-20th August 2016.

1 – 20 August 2016, Palmarina

Mine Art Gallery exhibits the recent works of H. Avni Oztopcu with the title of “Area Experiments and Individuals” at its Yalikavak Palmarina venue in Bodrum. After the “Phases” exhibition, “Shelters and Individuals” was the last exhibition that Oztopcu has opened in 2014. In both of these exhibitions, the artist enables us to see the whole integrity of the fictional conversions consisted during his stages and the problematique which has been discussed for 30 years. When we look at the process of Avni Oztopcu’s paintings, we can see how same attitude progresses over its cumulative segments and from time to time how they withdraw the previous experiments to experimental areas once again. We will meet with some of these experiments in the exhibition of “Area Experiments and Individuals”.

Before the Individuals, there were paintings of him which belong to the year 1985 and those were the preliminary works for the paintings in this exhibition. Through the literal and absolute figures, reaching to peace areas has been desired.

“Area Experiments and Individuals” aims reaching a unique person through peace zones, and braces up them for touching their own domain. This is an attitude regarding to the continual life. Also there is a desire for a journey to reach universal time which is not caught with limits through its own area. This is the state of the individual or individuals and their feeling areas. While individuals remain on their own, at the same time it can be seen that they try to make a distant collaboration with the other individuals.

H. Avni Oztopcu’s exhibition titled “Area Experiments and Individuals” can be seen in Mine Art Gallery’s Yalikavak Palmarina venue, in Bodrum on 1st-20th August 2016. The opening cocktail will start at 19:00 on 1st August 2016, on Monday with the attendance of the artist.

Mine Sanat Galerisi: Yalıkavak, Palmarina No: D105 Merkez. Mah. Çökertme Cad.
48990, Bodrum / Muğla
+90 (536) 553 50 66

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