Serkan Bayer - Hakan Bayer "Diptych"


Serkan Bayer – Hakan Bayer “Diptych”

13 January – 15 February 2015, Palmarina

“Diptych” exhibition from Serkan Bayer and Hakan Bayer at Mine Art Gallery in Yalikavak Palmarina venue…

Two brothers mostly producing their artworks with a minimalist approach, and also creating them in a world of transition period from abstract to tangible, and between manipulated new matters and forms with reflecting icon lines which are used to indicate electrical and gravity forces in magnetic field.

While Serkan Bayer attributing to the non-visible, and telling that “We can’t comprehend fourth dimension with technology, it can be realized with wisdom”, on the other hand, Hakan Bayer speaks out as “The nature which we generate subsequently in new approaches, is only composed of a geometric form, the transformation which needs to be realized naturally and within its own phase while artificializing swiftly and departing from us is an inevitable fact in an era of arising soul of technology and automation”.

In this unique exhibition, you can catch up the fourth dimension in means of spiritual dimension with Rasdelka lines of Serkan Bayer, while in works of Hakan Bayer, you can observe the confined mankind inside the new forms which are created by with his own hands because of the arising technology and automation, and also departing from the actual and tangible ones.

We are inviting all art lovers to this exhibition which will take place in Mine Art Gallery’s Yalikavak, Palmarina venue on 13th January – 15th February 2015.

Opening: 13th january 2015, Tuesday, at 17:30

Yalıkavak, Palmarina No: D105 Merkez Mah. Çökertme Cad. Bodrum / Muğla